Hours of Operation


Until May 1

SUN 9-6    MON  12-7:30     TUES-SAT  9-7:30

Ball Machine closes 1/2 hour before closing.


The Logo

The story behind Kwini the cow. 

coming soon. 


What We Are

A 30 acre "masterpiece" and the Ultimate Practice Facility!
The practice facility features a 20 station hitting area, off Bent Grass, measures 75 yards in width, and the landing area on the range is 400 yards long and 100 yards wide. 
There are 6 target flags ranging from 100 yards to 300 yards with target nets to aim at. 
Hitting off grass 7 days/ week, weather permitting. 
There are 20 hitting stations with top shelf hitting matts at the back of the tee deck if needed. 
New Srixon 3 piece soft range balls bought yearly. 
2 large Chipping and Putting Greens. 
Wedge Range measuring 90 yards long with 3 flags and is mowed down to fairway height to practice normal conditions with your wedges. Targets to aim at from 10-80 yards ( hula hoops with yardages in them ) 


5353 Spear Street

Shelburne, Vermont 05482


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