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Generations - fathers and sons have played golf together for as long as there's been golf.  The Tom Morris team - Old and Young - the Willie Parks - Sr. and Jr. - all the way up to Jay and Bill Haas, have made it not only a game, but also a family business.  But the real heart of golf's generational pull is a lot simpler.  Parents playing golf with kids, grandparents with grandkids or a family four-some on a lazy Sunday afternoon is one of the game's treasures.  Where else can you spend four hours, not just watching, but playing together, outdoors, high-fiving, learning, laughing and loving than on a golf course?   - Bob Weeks

Gonzo's Golf Academy at the Kwini Club

 5353 Spear Street 
Shelburne, Vermont 05482







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5353 Spear Street

Shelburne, Vermont 05482


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