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The Logo

My twin brother Jamie and I grew up playing at Kwinaska Golf Club. We would be playing with our parents on the original 8th hole and there was a barbwire fence separating the course from the farm to the north.
When the herd was out, there would always be a few curious stragglers poking their heads over the fence to see what we were doing.
Jamie and I would always drop our clubs and sprint over to feed them the rough grass!
When I was reviewing our brand in 2021 and planning the introduction of Toptracer Range, I knew I wanted to bring in a bit of my history with Kwini and the fun that can be had here. So roughly some 50 years later, I'm back at Kwini with the cow and having a blast!


What We Are


A 30 acre "masterpiece" and the Ultimate Practice Facility!
The practice facility features a 20 station hitting area, practicing off Bent Grass ( weather permitting ) measures 100 yards in width, and the landing area on the range is 400 yards long
There are 15 target flags ranging from 100 yards to 300 yards with target nets and poles to aim at. 
New Taylor Made 3 piece soft range balls bought yearly. 
2 large Chipping and Putting Greens. 
Wedge Range measuring 50 yards long with Targets to aim at
from 10-50 yards (
 hula hoops with yardages in them ) 

The Putting Green there you may putt or chip to!!
There are 11 stations with practice balls there to aim at the 5 flags from different directions.
We also have 2 large Bunkers to practice from.

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