Vermont's first driving range with Toptracer technology. Track your shots, improve your game and have more fun at the driving range than you thought possible.

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Toptracer Range is changing golf, one shot at a time.

It is the most used ball tracer in the world and it is revolutionizing the game of golf. 

TOPTRACER RANGE MOBILE sends shot traces and detailed data directly to your phone.  Hit a shot and get instant stats like ball speed, launch angle, carry, curve, and more.  The app then stores all data so you can track progress and measure improvement.

The Kwini Club powered by Toptracer Range offers

10 uncovered bays, hitting off of natural grass. There are 8 barber shop poles with distances ranging from 100 - 250 yards. 

Unlimited balls are included with each hours reservation.


Please download the Toptracer Range app on your phone or iPad before arrival.