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  • The GSM means you are a Member at The Kwini Club Practice Facility,
    not a member at the other 3 Clubs, BUT YOU WILL BE TREATED AS ONE!!!

  • Remember the Grand Slam Membership includes:
    *** Unlimited Play
    *** You may invite up to 3 Guests to play with you.
    *** You may make tee times up to 2 days in advance
         ( No Restrictions, all based on availability )
    *** A Cart Fee is required per person which we will call a Players Fee.
         ( you may also walk but the fee will still be charged )

  • You will be issued a GSM member card.

  • As a Kwini Club GSM, YOU as the primary member must make the tee time at the playing club.

  • When you check in, you will be required to present your GSM member card and ID.

  • Grand Slam Membership is $975 which includes your Kwini Club membership.

Grand Slam Membership

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