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Membership privileges will include:

  • This one-of-a-kind membership allows you to play Rocky Ridge, Neshobe and the Golf Club at Basin Harbor as a Grand Slam Member (GSM) for a cart fee only.

  • Each club will allow at least one tee time per day with 48 hours notice, first come, first serve. The individual clubs may allow more tee times per day as they deem available. 

  • You will be issued a GSM member card.

  • As a Kwini Club GSM, YOU must make the tee time at the playing club.

  • When you check in, you will be required to present your GSM member card and ID.

  • There will be a limited number of these exclusive memberships sold.

  • Grand Slam Membership is $850 which includes your Kwini Club membership.

Grand Slam Membership

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